Four Strategies to Remove & Replace Negative YouTube Videos

Negative YouTube Videos Can Cause Big Problems YouTube is an incredibly powerful website; it stands behind Google as the second largest search engine in the world. Since the same company owns Google and YouTube, Google allows preferential placement for YouTube videos in search results. Whether you are an individual or a small business, a negative YouTube video in search results... Read More

How to Remove Negative, False, and Defamatory Content From The Internet

  The Online Reputation Management Industry is in a constant state of evolution. It is important to note that the content removal strategies outlined in this post may work today, but could be obsolete tomorrow. One change in a specific law (See: Communications Decency Act) or search engine policy could drastically impact an individuals ability to get damaging information removed... Read More

Best Online Reputation Management Strategies for Doctors & Physicians

Today, people consider online reviews before making most purchasing decisions. The upward trend in online reviews allows Doctors and healthcare professionals to establish trust with patients long before they have the opportunity to meet in person. Because choosing a physician is an important personal choice, the healthcare industry is among the most popular for online reviews. Here are a few... Read More

5 Places Where You Need to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Monitoring & Brand SurveillancePeople are talking bad about your brand. Yes, they are. If you think you are perfect and everyone sees you in a glowing light, you need to get a grip. Failing to recognize that not everyone likes your brand can be a killer. While some have it worse than others, there is a good chance people have taken to the... Read More

Personal Branding: Why It’s Important, And How To Master It

  Whether you’ve cultivated it for yourself or not, you likely have at least the framework of a brand online. You can make the decision to manage it or choose to let someone else define it for you. Either way, perception of who you are typically starts online. Leveraging your online presence and shoring up your personal brand can have... Read More

Why Your Brand’s Online Reputation Is Critical For Gen Z

Generation Z, the generation after Millennials and whose oldest members are just graduating from university, have grown up alert to a looming climate crisis, two recessions and global strife. Their instant access to information means that businesses can no longer sweep ugly brand information under the rug. With social tools enabling Generation Z to analyze not only the products and... Read More

What You Need To Know About CRFA & Brand Reputation

On December 14, 2016, Obama signed the Consumer Review Fairness Act, or CRFA. Some bitter brands may think of it as protection for those who seek to tarnish their reputation online, but they’re really missing the point. The CRFA makes it illegal to punish those who leave negative reviews, especially if they’re prohibited in a contract. The law was signed... Read More

How To Build A Great Brand Reputation For Your Local Business

Great branding for local businesses is more important - and more complicated - than ever. Brands and businesses are in a constant competition to snap up the space and attention needed to keep themselves relevant and profitable. From social media to online advertising, customers are faced with an excess of brand messaging every day. For small business who have to... Read More