How Online Reputation Management Can Help Your Career Opportunities

Before the age of Google, recruiters would rely primarily on phone calls to references to vet job applicants. Today, this process is almost obsolete, thanks to the fact that the Internet now offers easy access to a wealth of information about most people. To that end, Google has effectively replaced the résumé by delivering immediate results pulled from social networks... Read More

The Importance of Employer Branding in the Hiring Process

The success of any business is largely driven by its ability to seek out and retain the best talent. However, that’s not likely to happen if your company’s reputation as an employer is not up to scratch. When it comes to recruitment and human resources, you’ll probably hear the term ‘employer branding’ being bandied around a lot. Whereas a brand... Read More

How Much Does Online Reputation Management Cost?

Reputation Resolutions Online Reputation Management CostThe Cost of Ignoring Your Online Reputation Branding and reputation management used to be simple, at least compared to how it is these days. Before the Internet became an inseparable part of everyday life, brands had far more direct control over their reputations. Reviews were restricted to the occasional magazine or newspaper posting or, more often, just word of mouth... Read More

Why Does It Take So Long to Improve Search Rankings?

Warren Buffet once said that it takes 20 years to build a reputation but just minutes to ruin it. Today’s brands rely heavily on the internet for building that reputation, but despite the digital age presenting many new opportunities for businesses to spread their messages, it still takes a long time to create a strong presence both online and offline.... Read More

How to Remove Negative Newspaper Articles from the Web

Bad news travels extremely fast online. Thanks to social sharing, search engine rankings and reposting on blogs and other websites, a negative news article can quickly go far beyond the publication’s website itself. In an ideal world, we would be able to easily remove any unfair or outdated material from the Internet, but the reality is usually a lot more... Read More

How to Remove Court Records from the Internet

Remove Court Records from InternetPrivacy protection and reputation management have become major challenges for both individuals and businesses in the digital world. Among the greatest threats to one’s personal or professional reputation are old court records. Previously, anyone who wanted to find public court records would have to physically go to a local office and request a clerk to release them. Nowadays, there’s a... Read More

How to Flag & Remove Reviews on Google My Business

According to Bright Local, almost two-thirds of consumers turn to the search engines to find online reviews. The remainder of those surveyed go straight to a review website instead. Since reviews left on Google My Business appear in the search results and on Google Maps, they are among the most visible of all. The world’s largest search engine also uses... Read More

How to Flag & Remove Reviews on Glassdoor

Flag and Remove Glassdoor ReviewsMillions of job seekers rely on Glassdoor for evaluating potential employers before applying for open positions. The platform allows employees both current and former to anonymously leave reviews. From an employer’s perspective, maintaining a positive reputation on Glassdoor is very important for attracting and retaining the best talent. Being present on the platform is also important for businesses since it... Read More

How to Flag & Remove Reviews on Facebook

Today, a company’s reputation is largely shaped by social media in the form of user-generated content, such as online reviews. With its enormous reach surpassing 2 billion users, Facebook has become an essential digital marketing resource for businesses of all sizes. Unsurprisingly, ratings and reviews on the world’s favorite social network are among the most visible of all. As such,... Read More