Employment Branding Services

Reputation Resolutions offers a full suite of employment branding solutions designed to help our clients recover from online attacks, build and promote an online employer brand, and facilitate improved workplace culture. Active employee engagement and high-quality organizational culture improve productivity, retention, and talent acquisition. Our employment branding services utilize the Internet to demonstrate your organization’s value as an employer and enhance your organization’s image online.

Post Removal & Disaster Recovery Services

If your company is in the process of dealing with an online attack from a disgruntled former employee, unethical competitor, or personal enemy, we offer the industry’s most effective removal, suppression, and monitoring strategies. Our Disaster Recovery solution includes the following:

Industry Leading Removal Services

Our team has removed hundreds of false reviews and posts from employer review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Every removal is case specific, but if your post meets certain criteria, it is likely that our team can have it completely removed from the Internet and search results.

Damage Mitigation & Response Crafting

Dealing with employee reviews can be challenging. Future candidates will not only consider feedback from employees; they will also examine how you deal with constructive criticism from current employees. We offer professional, punctual response crafting by experienced writers to ensure that all feedback is acknowledged and handled quickly and professionally.

Industry Leading Internet Monitoring

We understand that any online attack is stressful, and our clients need up-to-date, accurate information on what is being said about them online. Our Internet Monitoring offers peace of mind by notifying you immediately when new information about your company appears in search results.

Executive Reporting

Receive monthly reports and consultative overviews to detail exactly how your brand is performing along with suggestions on the most powerful strategies and next steps.

Employment Brand Builder

Reputation Resolutions offers an Employment Brand Building Solution which helps companies leverage their online image to improve recruitment efforts and hedge against reputation risk. In addition to all services provided above, this solution includes:

Glassdoor Completion & Optimization

Glassdoor is a primary resource for job seekers who are considering sending an application or accepting a position. An accurate, optimized profile builds credibility and increases your company’s visibility. Our digital marketing team has extensive experience in building and optimizing Glassdoor accounts for our clients.

OpenCompany Status Application

Recently, Glassdoor launched OpenCompany, a program designed to recognize companies that embrace transparency. This accolade will set your business apart from competitors and improve the quality of your online employment brand. Our team will make sure you follow the steps to receive this recognition.

Search Engine Results Audit

What do job seekers find when they look for information about your company online? Reputation Resolutions will complete a needs analysis and identify the most valuable online assets for your business, then build a strategy to ensure that the right articles move up in search results when users query for information about working at your company.

Content Strategy Development & Execution

Our team of PR experts and Digital Marketeers will create periodic content calendars and work with your business to create and publish interviews, press releases, and sponsored articles related to working at your company.

Organizational Culture & Brand Development

For many companies, employee review websites provide insight about how employees view the company and management that may have otherwise been hidden from management’s view. In these cases, businesses need a solution to enhance culture, improve retention, and increase employee satisfaction while publicizing an improved employment brand. In addition to utilizing all of the services above, solutions for this circumstance include:

Internal Organization Research

The first step to effective organizational change is a comprehensive understanding of the problem. By examining employee reviews online, it is usually possible to identify the specific departments or individuals responsible for critical reviews and prioritize adjustments accordingly. Additionally, it is useful to locate the most satisfied employees, and requesting positive reviews. Through a series of polls and surveys, we are able to identify both positive and negative groups within an organization and provide our clients with an implementation strategy for initiating cultural change.

Positive Review Solicitation

Creating a consistent flow of positive reviews is the ideal approach when it comes to online reviews. Our research-intensive program is designed to reveal the departments and individuals responsible for both positive and negative reviews. During the positive review solicitation phase, we systematically reach out to the most satisfied employees and departments to politely encourage reviews on employment review sites like Glassdoor.

Cultural Development Solution Consultation & Implementation

In some cases, our clients need to implement advanced software solutions to foster communication and organizational research culture. In these cases, Reputation Resolutions helps clients find and implement the right solution from one or more of our strategic partners in Organizational Psychology and Software as a Service.

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