Did you know that you are not actually anonymous on the Internet?

poster-identificationOftentimes “anonymous” individuals will use the Internet as a sounding board to write false and defamatory content about a person or business. These types of defamatory allegations can have devastating impacts both financially and personally, often leading the victim to pursue an attacker in a court of law. Although in your mind you may know who wrote the defamatory information about you, you must prove it beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Identifying an anonymous poster online can be accomplished in a number of ways, including cyber investigation techniques, forensic exams, and subpoenas.

The Process

Every Internet connection is assigned a numeric address, called an IP address, by its Internet service provider. Whenever a post is written online, the server hosting the website logs the IP address from which the post was written. In the event of defamatory information, this address can be subpoenaed from the offending website. Once confirmed, it can be associated with an Internet service provider, who then may be required to disclose the identifying information for the account like a name and physical address. Once this process is complete, it is possible to positively identify the source of defamatory material and pursue appropriate avenues to recover damages from the individual or organization that posted the information.

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