Is your personal info online?

Is your home address, email address, or phone number appearing in search results for your name? Data aggregators are profiting by selling your information to the highest bidder. Keep yourself and your family’s personal information out of search results.

How it works

There are four major data aggregators that compile, store, and publish personal information from tax records and other publicly-available sources. These companies sell this information to the highest bidder online. Many companies will optimize pages specifically for an individual’s name in order to appear high in search results and field more traffic. They then offer complete personal information to employers, advertisers, and private buyers.

In order to reduce the time it takes to search the Internet, search engines like Google create an index of websites. In many cases, this index will include unique terms that rank highly when searched, such as an individual’s name, address, or phone number. Getting personal information removed from a website is usually the first step, but our team also ensures that all remnants are removed from search results.

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