What is Google AutoComplete?

You may have noticed that Google populates a list of phrases under the search bar while you are typing. These guesses are referred to as AutoComplete or AutoSuggest predictions. Google’s AutoComplete predictions are compiled based on the predicted phrase appearing somewhere on the Internet and the popularity of the search query among other users.

Google AutoComplete’s Impact on the Individual

Autocomplete is very useful for a number of reasons, but it can be problematic when Google’s algorithms start to populate with false or damaging information. For example, some sites specifically optimize content to rank highly for phrases such as:

  • [person’s name] scam
  • [person’s name] cheater
  • [person’s name] ripoff

Google’s algorithm ranks autocomplete terms in order of how frequently they are searched. An autocomplete term that is interesting (like “scam” or “affair”) may not be the user’s original query, but still might be clicked on out of curiosity. Google records the click and over time the autocomplete term increases in popularity.

Updating Google’s AutoSuggest

Reputation Resolution has helped hundreds of clients change their AutoSuggest entries, as well as their search results. Our team of search engine experts utilize a strategy to change search results that appear for autosuggested terms while simultaneously adding new, more positive AutoSuggest keywords. In a few weeks, our team not only changes the automatically suggested terms, but also updates search results for problematic terms. This way, even if users click on unfavorable search terms, they find positive, accurate information about your company.

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