Do You Have What It Takes to Build a Global Brand?

The internet has brought the global marketplace to even the smallest of businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to build a brand that resonates around the world. The fact is that reputation management and branding work quite differently from one country to the next. In other words, an approach that works in the US might have quite the opposite impact in another country. Sometimes, you can end up unwittingly offending people from another culture, and with the omnipresent Google and major social networks to pick up on everything, your local reputation could be severely tarnished as a result.

Benefits of International Reputation Management

Even if your brand has only a fledgling presence overseas, it’s still important to consider how your company is portrayed in the search results in countries where you have customers or hope to have customers in the future. International reputation management considers the various factors that influence would-be customers in other parts of the world while working with localized search engines and other services to improve your standing in that country. By using local specialization to build local relationships, you can adapt your brand to audiences around the globe.

  • Avoid embarrassing public relations disasters overseas
  • Learn how the international audience feels about your brand
  • Align marketing campaigns with local audiences
  • Expand into lucrative new markets
  • Manage your national, international and local reputations in parallel

Global corporations succeed in the international marketplace because they tailor their brand messages in accordance with the cultural sensitivities of different target audiences. However, there’s no reason why organizations of all types and sizes can’t do the same. Reputation Resolutions is here to help your company thrive in the global marketplace by monitoring international search results and leveraging local expertise to ensure that your brand can maintain an impeccable reputation abroad.

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